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Wellie Good Weekend!

It has been pouring non-stop over this whole weekend and it is just perfect weather to snuggle under the duvet with a book in hand and a cup of warm tea on the side table. But when we have to head out, we all want to make sure that we stay dry and warm. No one wants damp wrinkled toes and shivers from the cold wet sprays of the rain.

So on this wet and cold weekend, my choice of footwear are a pair of wellies!

Interestingly in Singapore, where rainfall occurrence is very high, not many people actually wear wellies out unlike in countries like the US, UK or Japan. Maybe it has something to do with the conditioning of the mind.

Long long long time ago, when I was in Primary school, onΒ  rainy days, my dear granny would pack my school shoes into a plastic bag before stuffing it into my already very heavy bag. And I would leave home in my neatly pressed school uniform and a pair of flip flops and changing into my school shoes upon reaching the school compounds. Was this also your rainy day procedure? *smile*

Thinking back if only I had a pair of wellies, like dear old Paddington Bear, I didn’t even need to get my toes wet and clammy.

Back to what I wore over the weekend, I headed to town on Saturday to catch New Shaolin Temple, starring the ever so charming Andy Lau. ;P


And on Sunday to the Bugis area. Please pardon my lack of makeup as I try to keep it makeup-less every Sunday.

Chinese New Year is just next week and my room is still in a horrid state!

Scooting off to pack now!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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