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A New Year

I think as I get older, I find that time passes by much faster. Months after months, years after years. I almost couldn’t recall what happened from the time I graduated till the time I turned thirty. I kid you not. Everything happened in the blinked of an eye.

I don’t have resolutions for the year ahead. But rather some words that I would hope to live by in the year 2014 and beyond.
 photo EatPrayLovecopy_zps4a4c4ec4.jpg

Eat Clean – I have been trying to eat cleaner on and off for the past year but that usually comes up to about three times a week of home cooked lunch and once a week of home cooked dinner. So that sums up to 4 home cooked meals out of 14 meals in a week. That is not even 30% of my lunches and dinners. Hence I would strive to bring that up to 5 lunches and 2 dinners in a week of home cooked clean eating.

Pray More – But I would work towards going more often to keep me firmly rooted and to seek peace from within.

Love Yourself – Nothing is more important than to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, who will? We are responsible for all the things we do to ourselves. How we abuse it with the amount of alcohol we put into our bodies, the amount of junk food we eat. Can you blame others for the weight you have put on over the year of eating unhealthy food and not exercising? Do you really have to work till 11pm every day and maybe even return to the office over the weekend? I totally understand some jobs that are have seasonal peaks but here I am talking about every day so much so that your family doesn’t see you nor have a proper conversation with you when you are constantly on your mobile or laptop. Before you know it you kids would have grown up and your parents have aged to become more frail.  We can’t turn back time. Only when you have love from within you can you spread love!

Recently I caught the show The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and boy did I love it. It has got to be the best show of 2014! Oh but 2014 just started…… but I still think it will be the best show of the year! It depicts the life of every other employee who is working for survival. For comfort and hopefully luxury within their means. In other words, a material chase. Many a times, we are left empty emotionally not knowing what we want and we need. It was the life of Walter Mitty, who didn’t have any interesting profile to write on his dating website to one who accumulated colourful adventures while in search for the illusive photographer. The ending was really inspirational and liberating. And I hope you will be able to watch it someway somehow.

This year I intend to embark on something beyond my comfort zone. Something, when I start to think about, gives me butterflies in my stomach. Something that I thought of really recently, but feel so strongly about. It isn’t going to be easy and I am actually scared. So cross my fingers and my toes that I wouldn’t chicken out on this decision when the time comes. Wish me luck!

Thanks for dropping by!

Love,  Everest

Diet, not a Fad. It’s a lifestyle change

I have shared previously in this post that I have been exercising more regularly and have also started on a low carb diet.

It has been close to three months (since mid June) of 3 times a week gym sessions and about 5 weeks (since end of July) of low carb diet and I am really glad that there are some results showing.

Actually the real lost in weight and fats only happened when there was a change in my diet.

I wrote about being on a Dukan Diet but I didn’t quite manage to proceed into the Cruise Phase of the Dukan Diet. The first phase was the Pure Proteins phase which was also known as the Attack Phase. The Cruise Phase is an alternating of Pure Proteins and Proteins & Vegetables Day. As I really love my vegetables a lot, I couldn’t quite go back to eating Pure Proteins the following day.

Instead I got off the Dukan Diet and chose to just go on a simple and straightforward low carb diet. And so far it has served me quite well.

When I started out working out 3-4 times a week, I experienced slight drop in weight of about 0.3-0.5kg, which some might argue that it is waterloss. But I did benefit from the exercising in terms of toning and definitions in my arms, abs, butt and thighs from the exercise.

When I started off on the Dukan Diet, my weight was 54.2kg. That was about 5 weeks ago.

As of last week (Thurs), I managed to shave off 2.3kg and weigh 51.9kg!

It was really an amazing surprise to me as it has been eons since I saw such a weight on the scale and it is a great encouragement for the hard work and discipline that I have put in in the past couple of months.

I have started another blog,, to share my weight loss journey, exercises, food and anything that relates to a healthier lifestyle.

Do drop by and maybe share some ideas, tips and encouragement for health and fitness.




Busy as a Bee

I feel so apologetic that I have not updated my blog for close to a month.

Partly due to the fact that I have been busy trying to pack my stuffs to the move to my new place.

And due to my move over, I no longer have Internet access until end of July!

I have so much to update! About my trips and outfits although I haven’t gotten into the mood of taking picture at the new place.

Anyway, here are some snippets of my days in June till now.



See you soon!

Weekends away

I have so much I want to update on my blog but I have not posted anything in the past two weeks as I have been busy on the first two weekends of May.

Had a great holiday to celebrate Beebops’ birthday at…..


& this weekend we spent it at a very spiritually & emotionally fulfilling but very mentally tiring camp.


Let me try to settle down and gather my thoughts so that I can share with you all about it.

I think I am going to just head to bed right now after this seemingly non-existent weekend.

Have a great week ahead! :)


He went for a soak in a pool when he shouldn’t have.

He was soaking wet and he’s not doing too well now.

And now things are no longer the same anymore.

For now he shall be kept  under observation.


In a tupperware of rice, which is believed to remove any moisture very effectively.

A little unsure about such unorthodox methods but it doesn’t kill to let him rest in this protected sanctuary for the night.



Good night and hope you wake up feeling better, refreshed and LIKE NEW!

To catch Tower Heist

Finally the weekend.

My weekday ended on a bad note, leading me to spend the weekend in a rather moody fashion. I guess the only colours I could muster to wear were dark somber ones. My bag and heels brighten things up just a little with it’s matt metallic sheen. But still I am feeling bothered.


Top: Local Blogshop, Shorts: Giordano, Heels: Mondo, Bag: Longchamp

On a lighter note, I caught Tower Heist, a crime comedy, starring Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy and Casey Affleck. As with any Ben Stiller show, you can expect the show to be filled with laughter. The story line was simple with a slight twist but the show however did not leave a lasting impression as I couldn’t recall any scene that I enjoyed the most. Funny it was, and that was about it.

Of late I have been adoring the looks of heels with sweet girly socks made popular by bloggers like Mayo Wo, Kani & Prisca.

So when I saw these cute socks,  I couldn’t resist getting them.


I do hope that I would be able to pull off the look without looking like I tried too hard to look cute. :D

From nowhere to somewhere

I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised that the congregation of two Geminis leads to such amazing plans!
It happened over lunch where we talked abt our birthdays and the little treats that the company offers to pple celebrating their birthdays.
And I guess the rest was history! We booked our tics out of town even before we wrapped up for the day!


Grinning my way to slumberland :)

Good night!

Monday Morning Run

I am making it a point to start my day off with a morning run for the whole of this and next week.

Today’s weather was great for a run, very breezy and no glaring sun. Very relaxing and extremely luxurious when I run pass the people who are rushing to work in the industrial estate nearby.
This simple pleasure in life is something you can’t buy. :)

And my breakfast for Monday….


Cheerios and Non-Fat Natural Flavour Yogurt.
What’s yours?

Wellie Good Weekend!

It has been pouring non-stop over this whole weekend and it is just perfect weather to snuggle under the duvet with a book in hand and a cup of warm tea on the side table. But when we have to head out, we all want to make sure that we stay dry and warm. No one wants damp wrinkled toes and shivers from the cold wet sprays of the rain.

So on this wet and cold weekend, my choice of footwear are a pair of wellies!

Interestingly in Singapore, where rainfall occurrence is very high, not many people actually wear wellies out unlike in countries like the US, UK or Japan. Maybe it has something to do with the conditioning of the mind.

Long long long time ago, when I was in Primary school, on  rainy days, my dear granny would pack my school shoes into a plastic bag before stuffing it into my already very heavy bag. And I would leave home in my neatly pressed school uniform and a pair of flip flops and changing into my school shoes upon reaching the school compounds. Was this also your rainy day procedure? *smile*

Thinking back if only I had a pair of wellies, like dear old Paddington Bear, I didn’t even need to get my toes wet and clammy.

Back to what I wore over the weekend, I headed to town on Saturday to catch New Shaolin Temple, starring the ever so charming Andy Lau. ;P


And on Sunday to the Bugis area. Please pardon my lack of makeup as I try to keep it makeup-less every Sunday.

Chinese New Year is just next week and my room is still in a horrid state!

Scooting off to pack now!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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