Outfit | Blooms on a Bright Sunny Day

Sluggish! The weather was scorching hot and unbearable.

Sipping a glass of ice coffee in the coffee shop did not reduce the perspiration that was trickling down my back.

 photo IMG_3248_zps500ffd6b.jpg

I tried not to let the hot weather get the better of me and went out in search for some lighting for our place. And in the process picked up some other stuffs. ;p

 photo IMG_3249_zps7210eaed.jpg

 photo IMG_3254_zps1f74da8f.jpg

 photo IMG_3257_zpse65aa31c.jpg

Bustier Top: Local blogshop/ Skirt: Cotton on/ Jelly Flats: Salvatore Ferragamo/ Bag: Alexander Wang

 photo IMG_3261_zpsb39aad75.jpg

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Outfit | Sequins Squares

I wore this outfit on the second day of Chinese New Year.

I bought this skirt some time back and have not gotten the chance to wear it and finally wore it on this second day of chinese new year.

 photo Picturefrmiphone592_zpsef3e9374.jpg

The skirt is made of full sequins in small squares and was a little heavier than normal skirts and it had a slight metallic sound when I walked, a little like wearing a mesh netting around.

Since the skirt already had the details and sheen, I opted for a simple dark blue camisole top and an ethnic inspired necklace to match.

 photo Picturefrmiphone593_zpsfbc7d81b.jpg

Camisole: Zara, Sequin Skirt: Zara

 photo Picturefrmiphone594_zps10f40512.jpg

Wrapped Ankle Heels: Mango

 photo Picturefrmiphone595_zps51431807.jpg

 photo Picturefrmiphone596_zps7b58029b.jpg

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Dining | Brunch @ White Rabbit

A serene and windy drive amongst lush greenery in the Dempsey area leads us to The White Rabbit.

 photo P1030914_zps5c8d1485.jpg

 Stepping out of the car, you will be welcomed with the scent of dewy green grass and immediately I feel relaxed and just plain happy.

The White Rabbit restaurant operates in tastefully restored old chapel with high ceilings and huge stained glass windows.

 photo P1030931_zpsa0fb1c15.jpg

 photo P1030930_zps9ae8c34b.jpg

 photo P1030928_zps7e5ee9b9.jpg

 photo P1030913_zpsd046b6e8.jpg

 photo P1030912_zps2a3ff0fa.jpg

We were led to our table where we spent the next 10 mins soaking up the atmosphere and appreciating the details of the place. The place was done up with a lot of the chapel’s element kept in tact and incorporating some other fixtures that made the space functional as a restaurant.

The mosaic tiles which looked original.

 photo P1030933_zpsfad01742.jpg

 photo P1030934_zps0faa04a0.jpg

 photo P1030925_zps9fd9cddc.jpg


 photo P1030918_zps5b8abcb2.jpg

 photo P1030920_zps4dc4b637.jpg

 photo P1030921_zpsb05873fa.jpg

 photo P1030926_zpse44a71d3.jpg

I ordered my usual caffeine and my usual brunch choice, Eggs Benedict.

 photo P1030923_zps4feb7f4a.jpg

And Beebops ordered the Fettucine alla Carbonara.

 photo P1030924_zpsdcbbf637.jpg

The food proved to be a little disappointing after much excitement about the location.

The Hollandaise sauce on my eggs benny was a bland and the Carbonara was a little too salty. A pity.

The bill came up to more than $70 for our brunch of Carbonara, Cappuccino & Eggs Benedict.

The back door of The White Rabbit opened to a garden area with a rustic charm.

 photo P1030935_zps4f20942e.jpg
 photo P1030936_zpsf25187ad.jpg
 photo P1030937_zps815b24e1.jpg

 photo P1030939_zps78660833.jpg

With one odd cable car carriage in the middle of the garden.

 photo P1030940_zps90a7c479.jpg

Amidst overgrown bushes of sculptured bushes.
 photo P1030941_zps1937d361.jpg

Which looked like a brontosaurus

 photo P1030942_zps2fd5ae28.jpg

 photo P1030943_zpsc4549f6f.jpg

Taking a ride from side to side….

 photo P1030944_zps91244a9f.jpg

Before feeling a little bit of motion sickness….. :(
 photo P1030946_zpsd9812e19.jpg

And off the swing, making our way back through the arcs of the bamboo walkway…

 photo P1030950_zps2c3f922b.jpg

It was a lovely brunch location and losing track of time wandering around the small garden behind The White Rabbit.

If only we had more reason to return to this untouched garden.

 photo P1030948_zps086d32e5.jpg

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Brunch @ Garden Slug

Nestled in sleepy quiet corner in the east, I heard that they had an all day breakfast menu, and decided to drop by one weekend to try the food.


There were outdoor and indoor seats and as it was too much of a glare for me to have a meal al fresco in the afternoon sun, we opted for the air conditioned seats.

The interiors were kept very much in its original state. Old and weather beaten, with uneven walls and old mosaic tiles lining the place. Just as it is. Nothing too done up. Just simple and unpretentious.

There was an adorable door of fame with doodles of different renditions of the garden slug.


I was a little disappointed to know that my favourite breakfast choice, Eggs Benedict, was not on the menu. I guess it is a good thing sometimes as it leaves me with no choice but to try something random and unexpected.


Beebop’s big breakfast…


The breakfast was big as its name suggests and is bound to make you leave the place full and just feel cushy. He liked the muesli and yogurt and the whole grain wholemeal bread. Although he was not too pleased with the hashbrown being overly deep fried causing it to be hard, dry and just not too tasty.

And I ordered the Runny Salmon Scramble Up. The name is just a little odd to me… I am just wondering if it should have been Salmon Runny Scramble Up instead…

Anyway, back to my food! My brunch looks very sad and miserable against Beebops’ big breakfast, but luckily it made up for its lack of volume with loads of smoked salmon. They were extremely generous with the smoked salmon which tasted so delicious with the eggy flavours of the scrambled eggs. The salmon and eggs were enough to fill me up but I couldn’t quite resist the two slices of bread. I love eating any whole meal, whole grain, brown and grainy and very wholesome looking bread. It appeals to me cos they look so power packed with lots of nutrients! I think it is just me and my weird conclusions. ;-p


I was  lucky to have tried something  nice other than my usual breakfast choice! I wouldn’t mind returning for their breakfast menu and choose the Runny Salmon Runny Up again. The indoor seating is very echo-y due to bad sound insulation, so when the place started packing up with patrons, it got a little loud and made conversation just a little harder.


55 Lorong L Telok Kurau,
#01-59/61 Bright Centre,
Singapore 425500

6346 0504

Open Daily:
Mon – Tues 6pm-10pm
Wed – Thur 10am-10pm
Fri – Sun 9am-10pm
Public Hol 9am-10pm

Here’s what I wore…


Asymmetrical Dress: Perfetti Shop, Pewter Bag: Balenciaga , Belt: ASOS



Wedges: Jeffery Campbell

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Love, Everest

Dining | Carousel Buffet @ Royal Plaza on Scotts

I made reservations at Carousel on the day of Beebop’s birthday for dinner after work. Unfortunately due to work commitments, he couldn’t leave work on time. By the time he left work, it was already close to 8.30pm. We did a quick check with each other on whether we wanted to proceed with the buffet dinner or settled for something simpler and less sumptuous. And decided to continue with the dinner buffet at Carousel as the both of us were famished!

From our work place, we darted down to Royal Plaza on Scotts and it was close to 9pm. 1.5hrs before the restaurant closes! Pardon me for the lack of picture of the spread and the surroundings cos we really didn’t have much time on hand before we started to see an empty spread. So choosing my food took precedence over pictures and below are the first few items that I took. I got lazy and had dirty fingers from eating seafood and all so no more pictures.




Happy Lobster…


Psycho Lobster Splitter..




The quality of food is quite good, from appetisers to cooked food to their desserts and pastries. Most importantly, their service was marvellous. When I made the reservations for dinner, I mentioned to the staff that I was making the reservations for a birthday dinner for my bf.  And they very kindly offered a special arrangement of cake to celebrate the occasion. So when I was seated down, the staff wasted no time to give me the “eye contact” to acknowledge me and my special arrangement. And as soon as I was left alone at the table when Beebops went to replenish his plate, two of them came over like an eagle to its prey, except in a non-threatening manner to speak to me and asked me for some information and there after gave me some instructions on how to cue the staff to bring in the cake. :)


I am still very impressed with their dedication and passion in their jobs.

And, yeah, I think I would want to head back there some time soon, to enjoy the food, the ambience, and all these done with lesser time constrains.



Royal Plaza on Scotts

25 Scotts Road, Singapore 228220

Tel: (65) 6737 7966

[Outfit] Singapore National Day 2012 – Just Red & White

My work place is filled with people who are so fun and enthusiastic. :)

It was planned that we would go into the office in our outfits of reds and whites and have a team lunch gathering over high raved nyonya food.

The food was delicious! I had to stop myself from taking the third serving!


Singapore has developed and progressed so much in these 47 years and I wish for prosperity and growth for Singapore in many more years to come!

I love Singapore for its stability, security and efficiency. Many a times we take these for granted but will come to better appreciate them when we step out of the country.

Anyway back to my outfit, I wore a crochet sweater over a red dress, which I wore last Christmas. (as below)


And added a red skinny belt to give the top some definition else I would look like an overaged student heading to the library.

Wearing the crochet sweater proved to be quite a challenge ,even when it made of cotton and acrylic blend & sleeves rolled up, in the humidity of Singapore’s summer.



Crochet Sweater: Forever21, Dress: Forever21, Skinny Belt: H&M


And on National Day itself, I headed to Ikoi for dinner after watching the National Day Parade on tv. I will be posting about the dinner in the next post.

With the ridiculous rumors spreading like wild fire about the demise of Mr Lee KY, although I doubt the creditability of the rumor,  it was still certainly a relief to be able to see him attend the National Day Parade.

I was in the mood for another day of red and white!


Top & Skirt: Cotton On, Wedges: Heatwave, Bag: Alexander Wang


My nails were not spared too…. :)


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I promise I will update at shorter intervals between posts!

Hope you’ve had a great National Day holiday! :)

The Singapore Flyer


The Singapore Flyer has become an iconic landmark along the Marina Promenade ever since it started twirling  in 2008. If I remembered correctly, it was sometime during the Chinese New Year holidays.

It has been four years since it opened its doors to tourists and locals a like and I am finally making my first trip in the Singapore Flyer in 2012.

The Singapore Flyer took about 2 and a half years to complete is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world at the point of this post ( 28 July 2012). I must have my disclaimers in place right? Since it is always so plausible that there will be another taller and bigger Ferris Wheel appearing in some parts of the world.

Passenger capsules are installed on the external circumference of the Flyer and they are fully air conditioned. There were a total of 28 capsules.

Queuing up to board the capsules.


The capusule has full glass walls which allows passengers to have a 360 degree view of the landscape and benches are available in the middle of the capsule for passengers to rest in the 30 minutes or so journey.



The capsules are rotated slowly as the main frame of the Ferris wheel makes its revolution.





At the highest point of the Singapore Flyer.




We went there at about 6 plus and by the time it was on its way down the other side, it was starting to get dark and we could catch a glimpse of the illuminated city.


As the capsules are in some motion, albeit very slow, I did get a bit of a headache as I have motion sickness problems.

The Singapore Flyer is a good way to slowly see the city and the sea beyond the Marina Promenade area.

But some people think that the ride was a little too long and can’t wait to get out


But if you don’t really have the time nor the patience to sit through the 30 mins ride, you can always consider heading to the top of Marina Bay Sands to enjoy the view at your own time and target.

[Outfit] To the Singapore Flyer

I was heading to the Singapore Flyer in the evening and decided to drop by our place first to check out the renovation progress.

Beebops bought along a pack of biscuits which was a very popular snack in the 80′s . In fact this snack brings about fond memories when my granny would bring me out to the playground once a week and on our way back home, we would pass by a small shop, also known locally as a mama shop, at the void deck. And my granny would get this snack for me as she knows that it is my favourite biscuit.

Have you tried this snack before? Was this also one of your favourite childhood snack?




Allow me to introduce you one of my neighbors…


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High Tea @ Straits Cafe, Rendezvous Hotel

Weekend high-teas is a popular activity that many Singaporeans love to indulge in.

And without any advance reservations, you are unlikely to get a table in the more popular restaurants.

One lazy weekend, both me and Beebops woke up rather late, he said that since we are already kind of over our lunch time, why not just head out for High Tea instead.

After many phone calls later, we managed to get a table at Rendezvous Hotel’s Straits Cafe for our high tea.


There was quite a sizeable spread of food items ranging from salads to seafood to sashimi.








There were a couple of sections where you can make your own Popiah.


And try not to be too over-zealous with your fillings else it would end up being quite a mouthful like mine. : -p


There is also a counter which you can order Laksa and the chef would prepare it for you.

As you can see below it was awarded the award like 10years ago, but trust me it is still one of the better buffet laksa that I have tried.


The laksa gravy has just the right quantity of coconut milk and the light consistency so that you don’t get sick of the gravy half way through your bowl.

All I can say the only thing missing is the cockles!


Order a cup of tea when you are almost done with the spread.



How can we not have the durian puree desserts when the glass sticker is “screaming” right next to us.


Delicious! So much that I took 3 despite a very full stomach.

It isn’t overly sweet and it manages to retain that bittersweet taste that durians naturally possess.


The high-tea spread honestly isn’t very big but I must say that whatever they had there was of quality and tasted good.

If my memory serves me well, it costs about $25 per person after a credit card discount. At that price, it left us feeling very satisfied and very full.

Rendezvous Grand Hotel – Straits Cafe
+65- 6335 ­1771 / 7
High Tea: 3:00pm to 5:30pm (Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays only)
9 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189559

Happy 2012!!

Happy New Year!!

Where was I at the stroke of midnight?

In the middle of ECP!


Our adventure to catch the fireworks left us stuck on the wrong section of the expressway!

But at least we managed to see some of the actions on the bay.



Happy start to a new year!
Once again Happy 2012!

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