What to wear on Valentine’s Day – Cotton Candy


The salty sea breeze through my hair and soft glowing warmth of the setting sun against my skin.

Love, that is what it is.

Just like your better half running his fingers through your hair tenderly. Just like you resting your head against his chest feeling the warmth of his body and  hearing his heart thump for you.


Valentine’s Day, amidst all the frills and fluff of gorgeous bouquets, chocolates and candle light dinners, is a wonderful day to spend doing anything with your other half. Be it heading out for a romantic dinner or snuggling in bed in PJ watching a romantic chick flick, what truly matter is that you have your other half with you.


This outfit is all about the different hues of red, soften with pink tulle and white splashes. Just like all those sweet nothing we love to be showered with.


The floral printed top that you see is actually a dress from Forever 21, very well hidden under the puff of the tulle skirt from ChicWish.


The girlish fun of this outfit is anchored with the serious and mature tones of red in the accessories to avoid being mistaken as a dancer from the set of swan lake.



Good relationships don’t just happen. It takes time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.

Have a great Valentine’s date!

Live & Love Life,


Outfit details

Forever 21 Silk Floral Dress (worn as top) | ChicWish Tulle Skirt | Heatwave Red Sling Back Heels | YSL Chyc Clutch

What to wear on Valentine’s Day – Full of Love


Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year and that means we get to be with our other half from dusk till dawn.

The possibilities for date locations are endless which translates to endless outfit options.  It is not surprising that all of us want to look good on that day and the right outfit needs to be chosen for the special day.

 The right Valentine’s Day outfit should be carefully selected because we want to look special, different, stylish yet appropriate for the location and activity.

If the nature-loving other half brings us for a picnic and kite flying, we want to be comfortably dressed.  Something light and flowy to keep cool as foundation streaks from  perspiration is  a big boo-boo.


This romper, from Perfetti,  with heart prints is such a great choice for the occasion. Its flowy angel sleeves and cross front design brings interesting details to this romper and ups the cute factor without looking too saccharine sweet.



Red, the color of passion, should not be excluded from any Valentine’s Day outfit! Granted that not every one looks good in red as it can be too harsh and strong for some, but every one can work with specks of red on their accessories.


Opt for a pair of platform heels as it elongates your legs and is easier to walk on grass with as compared to a pair of stilettos heels.


And don’t forget to tie or bun up the hair to finish the look and more importantly to avoid any embarrassment when your date has finally mustered the courage to take your breath away with his kiss, only to find strands of hair stuck to his teeth and lips. ;-p


Stay tune for my next  Valentine’s Day Outfit post for a girly dinner look.

Outfit details

Perfetti Sweetheart Romper | Betsy Johnson Sunglasses | Miu Miu Platform heels | Chiang Mai Straw Bag

Shop the look

Thank you for dropping by!

Live & Love Life,


Dining | Lunch in CBD with The Entertainer

The Entertainer is an application for the mobile phone which is filled with 1-for-1 dining, travel, leisure and beauty & spa services offers. Sounds like an essential app on your phone? YES it is!

When I looked though the list of merchants for 2015 at which I can use the app, I can’t help but feel like going to all of them! Some are popular merchants that I frequent already, so it is an icing on the cake that I now have the privilege of enjoying the same item but at half the price with the 1-for-1 offer. And the others are those that I would like to try.

Anyway may I bring you back to how useful The Entertainer app is for an average working adult, like ME!

The central business district, a.k.a CBD, is the commercial and business centres of any city, Singapore included. The concentration of banks in the CBD also makes it a financial district. In Singapore, the CBD spans two MRT stops from Tanjong Pagar to Raffles Place.

Food does not come cheap in the CBD due to prime rental rates but with the Entertainer app, I found a sizable number of eateries in the CBD that I could use the app, but the below 3 are my favorites for lunches as they aren’t too heavy and are healthier choices for me!

Nothing But Green

Nothing But Green is an organic cafe which offers a selection of organic and natural alternatives. Aimed at encouraging diners to make informed decisions on eating food that is natural or organic and cutting down on processed food item,  this cafe serves up food items like soups, sandwiches, salads and Asian delights.

The Entertainer App Offer:  Soup, sandwich and salad.

Prices: From $4.80 for a bowl of soup to $12.80 for a smoked salmon sandwich.

EggnCheeseSalad_1024-300x300-tile A lunch of Goody Egg Sandwich & Cream Brocolli for two will be $17.60, which is less than $9 for a complete lunch.

Address: 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-102 Singapore 081007

Sushi Burrito

Sushi Burrito is a healthy Japanese fast food restaurant that offers a broad selection of freshly rolled burrito sized sushi rolls. Sushi Burrito recreates the sushi eating experience by serving healthy and delicious meals on the go. Each Sushi Burrito has a great balance of carbohydrates, fresh Japanese ingredients and 40% of mixed greens,  and even an option that has no rice, making it perfect for those on a no carbohydrates diet.


The Entertainer App Offer: Japanese Salad and Half Sushi Roll

Prices: From $4.90 for a salad to $7.50 for half a sushi roll of Grilled Unagi topped with bacon bits

Lunch for two is only $7.50, which works out to almost like a meal at the economic rice stalls except you get to enjoy premium quality ingredients, great greens and a less oily lunch.

Address: 100 Tras Street 100AM Shopping Mall #01-06 Singapore 079027 and 62 Collyer Quay OUE Link #02-12 Singapore 049325

Bergs prepare their patties and sauces  in-house with their menu peppered with Asian inspirations of spices and tropical fruits. A lunch at Bergs will leave you feeling satisfied and all ready to finish the day’s work in full steam. A huge selection of gourmet burger awaits you at Bergs and if you are on a low carbs diet, you could request for the sesame buns to be replaced with lettuce leaves.
The Entertainer App Offer: Main menu item, which means anything on the menu!
Prices: From $9.50 to $18.50 for a double patty burger.
Lunch for two will comfortably cost $15.  But if you are feeling really hungry and have the stomach for the double patty burger, The BFB, with bacon, egg, cheese and pineapple sandwiched within the buns, it will still be well below $10 per person!
Address: 137 Amoy St #01-01 Far East Square  Singapore 049965

The above three eateries are not the only places available in the CBD. You will be pleased to know that there are more than 70 vouchers that are available on the app in the CBD alone. From swanky Italian restaurants to delectable dessert stalls to fast food outlet, there is a choice for every craving and budget level.

The Entertainer app is only S$60 with an early bird discount since the year has just began.  If that is not enticing enough, until end Feb, users of the promo code 2015ALVIN can enjoy a further 10 per cent discount on top of the early bird price. That means The Entertainer app costs S$54 for the whole year!

Just for you reference, since I got the 2015 app, I have already utilized 4 vouchers, saving S$65. So the earlier you have the app, the more you can save and not to mention the more of different eateries you can try!

Hop over to Alvin’s Blog to see a graphical explanation on how to download and use the app.

Download the Entertainer now!

The discount code 2015ALVIN is valid until end Feb 2015 and the Entertainer 2015 app expires only at the end of 2015.

Thank you for dropping by!

Live & Love Life,


Outfit | Little Black Dress


The little black dress is one of the staples in the wardrobes of that ladies in the 21st century with its appearance in the history of fashion since the early 1900s, you know that this is one item which will never lose its popularity and because of that, you definitely have to own more than one.


Different little black dresses for different moods.

All of which are very dependent on the material and cut of the dress to exude a certain vibe.


This little black dress  from Shopprincessa is a good mix of soft flowy chiffon with a faux leather skirt with an edgy angular hemline.


When I got my hands on this dress, I thought of styling it for work with a classic pair of pumps and a blazer to complete the corporate look.

But somehow,  the more I looked at the faux leather skirt, the more my mind veered towards a rock chic look.


I guess I hardly have the opportunity to dress like this except on weekends. The corporate look would be a much easier take on the dress since I reckon I would be wearing it for work rather frequently, since it is a black dress and my repertoire of work clothes are largely black. I hope to share that look for work soon enough.




For this outfit, I introduced some gold hardware from my H&M belt to create a waist amidst all the black fabric and a leather cuff with gold hardware.


I have created other ways of pairing a similar little black dress for a night of drinks and for a cheery work attire. Let me know what you think about it! ; )

See more Little Black Dresses options here.

Beautysets - LBD

Not really a “little” black dress but I think that a maxi black dress is also a staple in the wardrobe cos with the right accessories, you will be all ready for a dinner function and you will not have any worries of being under-dressed for the occasion.
 Outfit Details
 ShopPrincessa Aaliyah Black Chiffon and Faux Leather Dress | 3.1 Phillip Lim Black Leather Booties | H&M Black Belt with Gold Embellishments | Bugis Street Grey Felt Fedora | Fendi Leather Cuff
Thank you for dropping by!
Live & Love Life,

Outfit | 2015


Dear Friends,

It has been great pleasure to have you accompany me through the past 365 days on Everestsays.com.

According to wordpress.com summary for 2014 reliable sources, the number of readers for my blog in 2014 are enough  for 4 sold-out performances in the Sydney Opera House.

I managed 49 posts in the past 52 weeks which averages to 0.94 post per week, a far cry from a post a month in 2013 although it is something that I can improve on and will endeavor to double the number of posts this year.


2014 has been great to me. It brought me to many places, met many people and opened up many doors for my curious mind.

There are a lot that I want to share with you  but very little time on hand. I will try to juggle this better this year, I promise.


Being nominated in the Best Fashion Blog category at the Singapore Blog awards has been a great encouragement for me, like an affirmation of sorts for my humble blog. With some collaboration with local businesses on the way, I am excited for the possibilities for me to explore more in terms of styling and photography.


About the outfit, this gorgeous dress with its origami fish tail design in contrasting black & white is from Shop Princessa.


This statement dress needs no further accessorizing as it would take away the attention of the clean lines. A black blazer, acrylic clutch and simple strappy heels was all that was needed for that night out.



And that perfect pair of earrings from Perfetti Shop in black, white and a trim of gold to dress up the look for the night.


All I want to say is Thank You.

Thank You for dropping by.

Thank You for your comments.

Thank You for your silent support.

Thank You for liking my style and pictures.

Thank You for staying by my side through the year.

I look forward to making this blog a better place for you and for me!

Signing off for 2014 and Living & Loving Life in 2015,


Outfit Details

Shop Princessa Origami Fish Tail Skirt | H&M Embellished Black Blazer | MNO.logie Clear Clutch | Steve Madden Stecy Heels | Perfetti Shop Earrings


Style This | Coat Dress – 3rd Style

Style this coat dress

November is coming to a close and we are welcoming the cooler and wetter weather as we head into the festive month of December!

In the last edition of [Style This | Coat Dress] , this coat dress from The Exhibit Store provided warmth and cover from the stormy days.


With the coat keeping warm, umbrella and rubber boots to keep me dry, I am all ready for the wet weather ahead!


A long sleeved striped top from Forever 21 added contrast while the white crochet lace skirt from Zara provided textures against the white canvas of the coat dress.




Thank you for dropping by and following me through the different styling of this coat dress from The Exhibit Store.

Do drop by next week for December’s edition of [Style This]!

Outfit Details

The Exhibit Store White Coat Dress | Forever21 Red Stripes Top | Zara White Lace Crochet Skirt | Red Beret | Black Glitter Rubber Boots

Shop the look

Around SG | One for One deals with The Entertainer App

I got my hands on The Entertainer App in August this year and in these 3 months, I have used the app for 1 for 1 meals, drinks and dessert and almost used it for a hotel stay in Thailand if not for the full occupancy in the hotel.

I can’t rave enough about this app and how much savings it has brought for me and my family and friends except to show you what I have used it on.

Photo Nov 17, 12 17 06 AMPhoto Nov 17, 12 16 53 AMIMG_5536

I tried new eateries, consistent favourites, satisfied my sweet tooth and scrumptious hotel buffets. All these amounting to great savings of more than SG$200. The image below are the redemptions that I have made with my app.

Photo Nov 17, 1 05 06 AM-horz

A significant amount of disposable income is spent on food for many Singaporeans due to our work and lifestyle habits. And having The Entertainer app  gives you access to 1 for 1 deals, helping you save money when you dine out.

The 2015 edition includes more buy one get one free vouchers to an even more exciting array of dining, travel and lifestyle deals. More than 1,000 merchants are on board, with over S$100,000 worth of savings! Highlights include Au Petit Salut, Wendy’s, Toby’s Estate, Spa Artisan, True Fitness, and Banyan Tree.

Best of all, the price has been reduced to just SG$60 for the app and SG$75 for the book to offer a better value for our customers!

The Entertainer Singapore app retails at SG$75 but get it before the end of December at an early bird price of SG$60. It is available for purchase on the website (www.theentertainerasia.com) or via your appstore. Link here.

Quick math, I used my app for two hotel buffets which added up to savings of SG$80. That alone is savings enough to cover for the cost of the app! The location of the merchants are scattered all over Singapore and Orchard has a good mix of types of food for you to choose from  for its 1 for 1 deals.

Photo Nov 21, 10 17 04 PM

What are you waiting for?

Purchase the app purchase on the website (www.theentertainerasia.com) or via your appstore. Link here.

 Stand a chance to win yourself The Entertainer App by sharing or commenting on this post!

Live & Love Life,


Style This | Coat Dress – 2nd Style

Style this coat dress

Hello dearest readers! Welcome back to this second installation of Style This | Coat Dress from Exhibit Store.

I live along the equator on the small sunny island of Singapore, where the only climate changes we experience is sun and rain. Well ok, there is rain, heavy rain and thunderstorm. ;-p

As we approach the year end, the temperatures do slide a little lower from the usual 32degrees to about 26-28 degrees when it rains but when the sun comes out again, the ground warms up and suddenly we are hit by the heat and humidity.

So the easiest way to prepare yourself from the sudden change of temperature and humidity is to be armed with an outer wear which you can remove when temperatures start to rise.

I style Exhibit Store coat dress as a long coat and rolled up sleeves.


The Exhibit Store coat dress is made out of a heavy cotton and double lined on the front to give it structure. To prevent it from looking like a stiff looking laboratory coat, I added a white leather belt to clinch the waist so that I do not lose shape and end up looking frumpy.


The leaf prints skirt from The Velvet Dolls added interest to the look and complimented the coat with its sections of white.

If you would like to try to use some of your coat dresses as a long outer coat, a tip would be for the hem of your inner piece to end at the same point if not higher than your coat to avoid looking overwhelmed by the coat.


Leave the long coat + long midi skirt look to supermodels or lucky beings with legs that go on forever. Otherwise, chances are you will end up looking heavy and stunted.





And when the rain clouds are gone, all you gotta do is remove the coat dress and you are ready to brave the sun!



Outfit Details

Exhibit Store Coat Dress | Cotton On Tank Top | The Velvet Dolls Leaf Print Skirt | Mango White Heels | Proenza Schouler Navy PS11

Thank you so much for dropping by and please leave a comment if you have any request for styling this coat dress in the coming 2 weeks.

Live & Love Life,


Style This | Coat Dress – 1st Style

Style this coat dress

A new edition of Style This means a new month!

One month away from December and aren’t we all geared up and excited about the festive season? I can’t wait!

With the weather looking to cool down a little towards the end of the year, I decided on a piece which is versatile as it can be worn in many ways and for different weather.

In this month’s edition of Style This, I have selected a white coat dress from Exhibit Store.


At the first glance while on the clothes rack at the Exhibit Store at Far East Plaza, this coat dress would have been mistaken for a lab coat.

I was, however, drawn to the quality of the material and with some friendly encouragement from the staffs who mentioned that the dress has a good cut and very easy to wear and into the fitting room I went.



The slightly boxy shoulders reminiscing the strong shoulders of the 80s without the bulky propping up with shoulder pads. But the rest of the outfit kept simple and sleek with an overlapping button down front.

For this look, I styled this dress as it is, right off the shelf. With some accessories of black and gold, I opted for a minimalistic look with these clean lines and headed for an almost clinical look.











Outfit Details

Exhibit Store White Coat Dress | H&M Gold Chain Necklace | H&M Black Handbag | Fendi Leather Cuff | Betsey Johnson Sunglasses | Steve Madden Heels

Shop the Look

Thank you for dropping by and see you next Monday for the next outfit with this white coat dress.

Live & Love Life,


Style This | Culottes – 4th Style


This is my last post for styling MDS pleated front white culottes. Thank you very much for all the kind words and encouragement that, you, my dear reader, have given for this new segment in my blog.

A quick recap the previous outfits I styled for MDS pleated front white culottes. Click on the images to link to the blog post.

The first style was a mixed of prints and colours and from that chaotic clashes, I moved to the other end of the spectrum for the second outfit, the normcore style. In the third style, I matched the white culottes with a black lace top and high heels to bring you to a romantic dinner date.

DSC_7984   DSC_8057   DSC_8162

And in my final styling for Style This | Culottes, I styled the MDS pleated front white culottes for work.

For the majority of us, work is part and parcel of life to pay the bills and also providing the finances for us to pursue our own interests and passions.

For me, I hope that my clothes has great versatility taking me from weekday to weekend, day to night. This would help me to stretch my dollar and importantly that wardrobe space that is scarcer than land in Singapore.



The MDS pleated front white culottes is made of a heavy material and has a structured shape which is really easy to style for more formal occasion as it doesn’t have much chance of looking frumpy nor sloppy. This look is styled with a lace tank top and a white trimming black jacket for a clean and sleek look for work.




Grounding this outfit was a pair of suede wedge heels from Ferragamo adding a little fun into the silhouette of this serious outfit.


Shed that jacket at 7pm and you’re all ready to head for a quick drinks session with your colleagues or friends!


Thank you so much for dropping by and hope you’ve enjoyed the first collection of [Style This | Culottes].

I would love to hear from you what items you would like to see me style in the coming months. Please drop me a note in comments or an email at everest_s @ hotmail.com.

Live & Love Life,


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