Outfit | Aviation Glitz

 photo P1090143_zpsf6a2b5f8.jpg

A classic pair of Ray Bans Aviator on my bridge and a pair of wings on my chest, it is hard not to feel like I could take flight any time.

With these two items bringing the vibes to my outfit, the rest of my outfit was a canvas of black except for the silver lining of patterned beads.

 photo P1090145_zps26249eb2.jpg


Just really simple.

Out for nice weekend lunch with my family.

Army green aviation vest from Bugis Street. The ever trusty black tank from Cotton On, which everyone should own in every possible colour. And an embellished hem skirt from Forever21.

 photo P1090154_zps7986509c.jpg


This pair of H&M leather flats might not have made as much appearance on my blog but the wear that I have on them is probably more than 300days in a year. Ever since I walked out on a pair of supple brown leather ballet flats from a  quaint little leather shop in Italy, outside the Duomo, I was on a hunt for such a pair of flats. Honestly, I did know how I could have walked away from it. Probably cos I wasn’t quite ready to spend that 60Euros for a pair of plain, normal looking flats.

Penny wise, Pound extremely foolish as I would never have been able to find that quality of leather and workmanship by hand at that price in Singapore.

I searched around for this staple footwear and found this reasonably priced leather flats from H&M and have since been wearing it to death. Literally. ‘Cause now a year or so later, it is beginning to show signs of bad wearing and tearing and it seems that I could be on my search a camel ballet flat real soon.

Do you know where I can get such a pair of camel ballet flats without pointing me in the price direction of Repettos? Please do share it with me!

 photo P1090143_zps53b7e147.jpg

 photo P1090159_zpsdca1a1d7.jpg

 photo P1090166_zps55be18d9.jpg

Outfit Details

Army Green Vest from Bugis Street | Cotton On Black Tank Top | Forever 21 Black Embellished Scallop Hem skirt | H&M Brown Leather Ballet Flats | Mango Gold Medallion Necklace

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Outfit | Of Love & Passions

 photo photo14_zps9068269c.jpg

After thinking of the title of this outfit post and adding text to my image did I realize that this post sounded more like a Valentine’s day outfit post than my initial intentions of it being a post celebrating the marriage of my good secondary school friend and his girlfriend, turned wife.

As it was a dinner event, I stuck to deeper colors anchored with black heels and a black cropped top.

 photo P1080429_zps878ab31c.jpg

I love anything with details, textures and just something that differentiates the item.

The Zara black cropped top had flower embossing on it creating textures and ever so stealthily matching the dark toned daisy like floral varieties in a flower bed.

 photo P1080420_zps423166b0.jpg

 photo P1080414_zpsb4c80095.jpg

 photo P1080412_zps71bcdfe3.jpg

The red silk skirt from Marc by Marc Jacobs was sitting high enough on my waist to cover my midriff exposing a sliver of flesh. Wait, Maybe it was my short torso that helped….

Ermm whatever it is, the top stopped at where it should have stopped and the skirt started at where it should have started. ;)

 photo photo14_zpsa5a1ce20.jpg

That ring. Needs no introduction. Ok I shall not assume you have seen my earlier posts wearing it. I am wearing the Lucien Elements Angelica Ring in Gold.

I love everything about it. Physically and Mentally. How this ring is so beautiful and clean with its clear crystals. The rest of the wings are a little worn and rugged but strong and sturdy. We all need wings like these, a little bit of both. Being well-groomed and knowledgeable, at the same time being empathetic and willing to ruffle some feathers while helping the causes you believe in.

 photo photo3_zpsdf1e0629.jpg

Here’s a picture of me and my bestie for many many years! I didn’t get a proper picture with the wedding couple as in any other Chinese banquet dinner, they had truck load of guests to say hi to and it was a fleeting moment of picture taking with the rest of the people on my table.

 photo photo23_zpse1634658.jpg

Outfit Details

Zara Black Cropped Top (Similar ) | Marc by Marc Jacobs Red Silk Skirt with Blue Daisy (Similar) | Lucien Elements Gold Angelica Ring | Mulberry Gold Bracelet | YSL Chyc Red Clutch (Shop Here) | Christian Louboutin Piagelle Black Heels (Shop here)

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Outfit | Other Side

I am strangely drawn to old and dilapidated places. Standing from the locked gates peering in and imaging the life it used to have in its glorious and flourishing days.

Perhaps the multitude of newer and higher buildings sprouting up has led to an immunity for spanking new facades all starting out fresh on a clean sheet.

My outfit for the weekend was a simple palette of black and gold. My favorite actually.

It was one of those odd places that I stumbled upon when Beebops went to collect something and parked his car right in front of this abandoned shopfront.

Could I passed on a outfit shot opportunity?

You know the answer, don’t you? ;)

 photo P1080816_zpsc9552a60.jpg

 photo P1080854_zpse49d3707.jpg

I wore a comfy black T-shirt with studded shoulder details from Forever21 matched with a pair of pale gold embossed pattern shorts.

The textures on the shorts enhances the movement of the shorts as every move and angle gives the shorts a different sheen and reflects a different light in a subtle way.

 photo P1080844_zps438b5523.jpg

 photo P1080840_zps1c6b595d.jpg

 photo P1080821_zps16a8a838.jpg

 photo P1080824_zpsacb67448.jpg

 photo P1080821_zps75611718.jpg

 photo P1080819_zpsd5d5928f.jpg

My studded sandals fell a little short of the black and gold theme as it was beige with gold studs but it blended in quite well given its neutral tones.

 photo P1080848_zps6d83a874.jpg

Outfit Details

Forever 21 Black Studded Shoulders T-Shirt | Gold Embossed Shorts from Local Shop| ASOS Leather Braided Belt | Fendi Leather Cuff with Gold Hardware| Zara Studded Sandals

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Forever 21 Tees · Forever 21 Shortsleeve Tops · Forever 21 Sweaters

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Outfit | Dots and Lines

 photo P1090228_zps906bcc90.jpg

I am someone who loves textures and cant get my hands off anything. I am extremely tactile and I seek that little bit of happiness when I touch something that is nice to the touch like soft supple leather, fluffy fur stoles and soft silky silk scarfs. You get the drift….

 photo P1090219_zps7e5cf71a.jpg

And this outfit is one which is making my tactile self very happy as the pleated leather skirt from ASOS is so supply and smooth and the H&M long polka dot sleeves top is actually velvet at the polka dot areas.

 photo P1090213_zps22016bf4.jpg

 photo P1090210_zps91686c0d.jpg

 photo P1090214_zps2875b4ac.jpg

For this pair of pumps from Nine West, this will be the last time you will be seeing it as I have had it for a long time, probably about 6 years ago with my last wear about 4years ago. For this time, I took it out to wear only to have it last long enough to get me home before I see that the sole is breaking up into pieces.

Now excuse me while I search for the other shoes that needs my attention.

 photo P1090224_zps90c5ee23.jpg

 photo P1090228_zps4a812590.jpg

Outfit Details

H&M Polka Dot Sleeved Top in Black (Similar here & here) | ASOS Pleated Leather Skirt in Oxblood (Similar)| H&M Nameplate Gold Necklace | Nine West Buckle Pumps in Black

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Travel | Buffet Lunch at Pyramid Tower Hotel

We walked past the Atrium of Pyramid Tower Hotel on the first evening we were there and peered over to see the spread not before checking out the prices.

At RM55++ per person, it was worth a try and also a good way to spend the afternoon and a strategic way minimize our shopping time as we could stay there till about 4pm.  ;)

 photo P1090253_zps2bc4cc31.jpg

The buffet spread has a good selection of local cuisines from Malay to Chinese to Indian and some western dishes.

 photo P1090260-vert_zps42ae9694.jpg

 photo P1090257_zps2e6c1708.jpg photo P1090254-tile_zpsdbdd50ca.jpg

 photo P1090265-tile_zps28a83a34.jpg

PH decided that he still needed a good plate of chicken rice to fill up his stomach before his game.

 photo P1090264_zpsce11e7d4.jpg

There are chefs stationed at various stations to prepare local food of your choice, ranging from Wanton Noodles, to Roti Jala and Lok-lok.

 photo P1090266_zpse156e292.jpg

 photo P1090267_zps1035ef3e.jpg


 photo page_zps89935d33.jpg

With delicious cakes and New Zealand ice cream to end the meal and coffee to cleanse the palate, it was a great way for us to spend the afternoon in a relaxed fashion before heading to the mall in the attached building for more retail therapy!

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Travel | Restaurant Fatty Crab, Kuala Lumpur

In this trip to Kuala Lumpur, I stayed on the outer ring of Kuala Lumpur in Bandar Sunway. And when it came to dinner plans, I searched for somewhere where it is more easily accessible from where we stayed as we didn’t want to be caught in some heavy traffic and be faced with parking woes if we drove into Kuala Lumpur city dinner.

Also as we were going to have dinner late, I had to make sure that the place we have our dinner closes rather late too.

So in my hotel room, while waiting for the Beebops’ event to end, I found Restoran Fatty Crab. For the benefit of my readers that are not familiar with the Malay language, Restoran is the Malay spelling for Restaurant.

We arrived at 10pm at night and there was a short queue to be seated with two groups of people ahead of us, we waited about 15 mins for our table. If you arrive at dinner time, I gathered that you could have a pretty long wait of about an hour or more.

Not surprising for a restaurant that has won Best Seafood in Time Out KL’s foor award for four years. (Read about it here)

 photo P1090240_zps3028b91b.jpg

 photo P1090241_zpsa5d88051.jpg

Once you are seated, the staff will come up to you and ask you for only the chicken wings order.

For the order for the rest of the food, someone else will come along shortly.

It was a thoughtful move to have us munch away on our chicken wings while waiting for our main dinner course to arrive as it was a wait of another 20mins before our food arrived. But that didn’t feel so long when we were engaged in conversation over wings and drinks.

 photo P1090243_zpse0cabbb6.jpg

To be honest, there isn’t much variety on the menu and everyone was there for the crabs. But we ordered some fried rice to fill up the guys’ stomach.

 photo P1090244_zps026f20c1.jpg

The fried rice doesn’t look mouth watering with it’s lack of ingredients but it is surprisingly tasty and has the smokey wok taste, commonly known as Wok Hei. The rice grains are loose and moist making it a perfect texture for fried rice.

 photo P1090245_zps5c343066.jpg

There are only a handful of choices for the methods of cooking the crabs.

At Fatty Crab, their signature dish is sweet and sour which we ordered together with steamed crabs.

 photo P1090246_zps48b1dad2.jpg

 photo P1090247_zps5f7a5258.jpg

 photo P1090249_zpsf83c4321.jpg

 photo P1090250_zps255b20d5.jpg

 photo P1090251_zps21e30d52.jpg

The steamed crabs were a little lack lustre as it was a little cooked leaving the flesh to be dry and not so sweet.

For the sweet and spicy crabs, it was actually a little odd in the first few mouths of the gravy. Maybe it was just a very unfamiliar taste and the taste bud was trying to look for something to identify with but there was none.

But dip the toasted crispy slices of bread into the brownish gravy and you just cant stop!

The taste of the sweet and sour sauce is really addictive and I can see why it is a favorite for many as it is so unique a taste that they keep returning for this indulgence.

 photo P1090252_zpsce4d13bc.jpg

Our bill for 4 people came up to RM174.70.

It is definitely worth a try as I have not tasted anything quite like this sweet and sour crab.  But with a wait of more than an hour, you might just want to consider having it for supper instead.


No. 2 Jalan SS 24/13, Taman Megah, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47301, Malaysia

Opening times: Tue-Sun, 5.30pm-11.30pm

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Travel | Weekend @ Kuala Lumpur

The weekend before Chinese New Year, I made a short weekend trip up to KL.

Mainly because Beebops was attending an event in KL and I decided to tag along too as it was a long time since I stepped into KL.

It was a rather rushed trip to head north as on Friday after work, we gathered to have dinner and we went into Malaysia upon seeing that the traffic across the causeway has cleared up abit.

Our journey took about 3 hrs 30mins, which could have been shorter if we did not lose our way for about 30mins.

And by the time we arrived at the hotel, we were all rather drained from the week’s work and travel journey. At 12.30am, a nice clean comfortable bed was all we needed for a good rest before a whole day out in KL city the next morning.

 photo P1090238_zpsf13c5506.jpg

I stayed in the Bandar Sunway area, at City View Hotel.

If you want to stay in Bandar Sunway but don’t want to pay the higher prices of the luxurious hotels in Sunway Lagoon, City View Hotel is a good choice as it is clean, neat, adequate and conveniently located. The toilet was small but it had a good pressure rain shower shower head with hot water. So comfortable and refreshing for me after my long day.

City View Hotel

35, Jalan PJS 11/28B

Bandar Sunway

46160, Subang, Selangor


Tel/Fax: +603-5636 0888
Email: cityviewhotel.cvh@gmail.com

Outfit | Feather Light, Leather Studs

 photo P1080813_zpsf900472c.jpg

Something light something heavy. It is the balance we all seek to have.

The Zara black leather skirt with its edge trimmed studs is in one of my favorite colour combi, black and gold.

When I saw this skirt in Zara, tried it on, felt my heart skip a beat and then it sank upon seeing the numerals tagged on it. Seriously didn’t need a leather skirt. So I walked out of Zara in a little forlorn manner and a little proud of my increased ability of self control.

I slept and ate and slept and ate. A week went past and I was thinking bout this skirt day in day out that I knew this pining should end.

And when I finally stepped into Zara, horrors of all horrors it was no longer available in my size nor a size bigger.

I am surprised that leather skirts are actually so popular in our sunny island along the equator.

So there goes my lost love…

Forgetting is easy when I never really had much memories with it.

And one day in another city in another country, I laid eyes on this leather skirt again.

In one size bigger, which just sat more on my hips than my waist, and it is finally mine.

 photo P1080806_zpsef43916a.jpg

Now more than 2 years on, a few kilos lesser, the skirt could slide off with a light tug and no unzipping needed. Until I can no longer wear it without it dropping to my ankles, I avoid the trip to the tailor.

Paired with a light chiffon stripes top from Forever 21, creating a nice soft drape and flow against the more rigid leather skirt.

The light knocking of the studded when I walk creates a little tick tick sound which gives adds to that feeling of happiness like how snapping the fingers makes for a lighter mood.

 photo P1080803_zps695f62aa.jpg

 photo P1080800_zpsb2f36243.jpg

 photo P1080796_zps97cdbc5f.jpg

 photo P1080811_zps44454294.jpg

Outfit Details

Forever 21 Black and White Stripe Chiffon Blouse | Zara Black Leather Gold Studded Skirt | Tod’s Cream Leather Flats |  Wrist Accessories from Fendi & Mulberry | H&M Gold Chained Necklace

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Outfit | Formally Sequins

 photo P1080884_zpsc785cb8f.jpg

Sequins were never meant to be serious. It is all about party, shimmery nights and all about having fun.

But when my sequins skirt looks a little more distracting with its slightly ethnic prints, it takes away some attention that I am actually wearing those tiny shiny plates.

Prepared that someone would walk up to point out the inappropriateness of my attire, I tried to mislead them with a light pastel pink  with black lapel blazer to bring back some formality to my look.

 photo P1080865_zpsc1867f29.jpg

Looking at these pictures now, I kind of regretted not wearing a pair of black heels to anchor the look but my legs sore from gym sessions are always the reason for my very grounded choices of footwear.

At least it doesn’t look half that bad with these very comfy flats, or maybe it only works in my imaginary world.

 photo P1080867_zps595883f5.jpg

 photo P1080868_zpsa8d2cac6.jpg

 photo P1080874_zps2a2aeff3.jpg

 photo P1080881_zpsbcd3acf5.jpg

 photo P1080883_zps410317cd.jpg

Outfit Details

Zara Pastel Pink with Black Lapel Blazer | Zara Sequin patterned skirt | Cotton On Sleeveless Tank Top in Blush Pink | Tod’s Cream Leather Flats

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Diet | Lunch Boxed

My week got a little busier and I didn’t manage to post daily. And with what little time I have in the night, I made my lunches for the rest of the week. Yippeeee… Daily home cooked lunch is the best!

Wednesday Lunch: Fried Quinoa with Kailan, Portobello Mushrooms and grounded chicken with a sliced hard boil egg.

 photo photo1-1_zps40e55cd8.jpg

Thursday: Baked Salmon with Portobello Mushrooms with Lemon Juice with blanched french beans and baby kailan drizzled with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

 photo photo2-2_zpsdd76084e.jpg

 Colour Splash Marination of Dory Filet: Tumeric, Curry Powder & Cheyenne Pepper.

Use a pinch of salt to make it more flavourful but I am trying to reduce my salt intake so I didn’t add any.

 photo photo3-1_zps637e79cf.jpg

Friday: Baked Portobello Mushrooms with Mozarella cheese, baked marinated dory fillet and blanched Chinese Spinach drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

 photo ff26d647-3e9e-4953-b8fd-d5d766090708_zps16e25f9f.jpg

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