Style This | Coat Dress – 3rd Style

Style this coat dress

November is coming to a close and we are welcoming the cooler and wetter weather as we head into the festive month of December!

In the last edition of [Style This | Coat Dress] , this coat dress from The Exhibit Store provided warmth and cover from the stormy days.


With the coat keeping warm, umbrella and rubber boots to keep me dry, I am all ready for the wet weather ahead!


A long sleeved striped top from Forever 21 added contrast while the white crochet lace skirt from Zara provided textures against the white canvas of the coat dress.




Thank you for dropping by and following me through the different styling of this coat dress from The Exhibit Store.

Do drop by next week for December’s edition of [Style This]!

Outfit Details

The Exhibit Store White Coat Dress | Forever21 Red Stripes Top | Zara White Lace Crochet Skirt | Red Beret | Black Glitter Rubber Boots

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Around SG | One for One deals with The Entertainer App

I got my hands on The Entertainer App in August this year and in these 3 months, I have used the app for 1 for 1 meals, drinks and dessert and almost used it for a hotel stay in Thailand if not for the full occupancy in the hotel.

I can’t rave enough about this app and how much savings it has brought for me and my family and friends except to show you what I have used it on.

Photo Nov 17, 12 17 06 AMPhoto Nov 17, 12 16 53 AMIMG_5536

I tried new eateries, consistent favourites, satisfied my sweet tooth and scrumptious hotel buffets. All these amounting to great savings of more than SG$200. The image below are the redemptions that I have made with my app.

Photo Nov 17, 1 05 06 AM-horz

A significant amount of disposable income is spent on food for many Singaporeans due to our work and lifestyle habits. And having The Entertainer app  gives you access to 1 for 1 deals, helping you save money when you dine out.

The 2015 edition includes more buy one get one free vouchers to an even more exciting array of dining, travel and lifestyle deals. More than 1,000 merchants are on board, with over S$100,000 worth of savings! Highlights include Au Petit Salut, Wendy’s, Toby’s Estate, Spa Artisan, True Fitness, and Banyan Tree.

Best of all, the price has been reduced to just SG$60 for the app and SG$75 for the book to offer a better value for our customers!

The Entertainer Singapore app retails at SG$75 but get it before the end of December at an early bird price of SG$60. It is available for purchase on the website ( or via your appstore. Link here.

Quick math, I used my app for two hotel buffets which added up to savings of SG$80. That alone is savings enough to cover for the cost of the app! The location of the merchants are scattered all over Singapore and Orchard has a good mix of types of food for you to choose from  for its 1 for 1 deals.

Photo Nov 21, 10 17 04 PM

What are you waiting for?

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Style This | Coat Dress – 2nd Style

Style this coat dress

Hello dearest readers! Welcome back to this second installation of Style This | Coat Dress from Exhibit Store.

I live along the equator on the small sunny island of Singapore, where the only climate changes we experience is sun and rain. Well ok, there is rain, heavy rain and thunderstorm. ;-p

As we approach the year end, the temperatures do slide a little lower from the usual 32degrees to about 26-28 degrees when it rains but when the sun comes out again, the ground warms up and suddenly we are hit by the heat and humidity.

So the easiest way to prepare yourself from the sudden change of temperature and humidity is to be armed with an outer wear which you can remove when temperatures start to rise.

I style Exhibit Store coat dress as a long coat and rolled up sleeves.


The Exhibit Store coat dress is made out of a heavy cotton and double lined on the front to give it structure. To prevent it from looking like a stiff looking laboratory coat, I added a white leather belt to clinch the waist so that I do not lose shape and end up looking frumpy.


The leaf prints skirt from The Velvet Dolls added interest to the look and complimented the coat with its sections of white.

If you would like to try to use some of your coat dresses as a long outer coat, a tip would be for the hem of your inner piece to end at the same point if not higher than your coat to avoid looking overwhelmed by the coat.


Leave the long coat + long midi skirt look to supermodels or lucky beings with legs that go on forever. Otherwise, chances are you will end up looking heavy and stunted.





And when the rain clouds are gone, all you gotta do is remove the coat dress and you are ready to brave the sun!



Outfit Details

Exhibit Store Coat Dress | Cotton On Tank Top | The Velvet Dolls Leaf Print Skirt | Mango White Heels | Proenza Schouler Navy PS11

Thank you so much for dropping by and please leave a comment if you have any request for styling this coat dress in the coming 2 weeks.

Live & Love Life,


Style This | Coat Dress – 1st Style

Style this coat dress

A new edition of Style This means a new month!

One month away from December and aren’t we all geared up and excited about the festive season? I can’t wait!

With the weather looking to cool down a little towards the end of the year, I decided on a piece which is versatile as it can be worn in many ways and for different weather.

In this month’s edition of Style This, I have selected a white coat dress from Exhibit Store.


At the first glance while on the clothes rack at the Exhibit Store at Far East Plaza, this coat dress would have been mistaken for a lab coat.

I was, however, drawn to the quality of the material and with some friendly encouragement from the staffs who mentioned that the dress has a good cut and very easy to wear and into the fitting room I went.



The slightly boxy shoulders reminiscing the strong shoulders of the 80s without the bulky propping up with shoulder pads. But the rest of the outfit kept simple and sleek with an overlapping button down front.

For this look, I styled this dress as it is, right off the shelf. With some accessories of black and gold, I opted for a minimalistic look with these clean lines and headed for an almost clinical look.











Outfit Details

Exhibit Store White Coat Dress | H&M Gold Chain Necklace | H&M Black Handbag | Fendi Leather Cuff | Betsey Johnson Sunglasses | Steve Madden Heels

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Thank you for dropping by and see you next Monday for the next outfit with this white coat dress.

Live & Love Life,


Style This | Culottes – 4th Style


This is my last post for styling MDS pleated front white culottes. Thank you very much for all the kind words and encouragement that, you, my dear reader, have given for this new segment in my blog.

A quick recap the previous outfits I styled for MDS pleated front white culottes. Click on the images to link to the blog post.

The first style was a mixed of prints and colours and from that chaotic clashes, I moved to the other end of the spectrum for the second outfit, the normcore style. In the third style, I matched the white culottes with a black lace top and high heels to bring you to a romantic dinner date.

DSC_7984   DSC_8057   DSC_8162

And in my final styling for Style This | Culottes, I styled the MDS pleated front white culottes for work.

For the majority of us, work is part and parcel of life to pay the bills and also providing the finances for us to pursue our own interests and passions.

For me, I hope that my clothes has great versatility taking me from weekday to weekend, day to night. This would help me to stretch my dollar and importantly that wardrobe space that is scarcer than land in Singapore.



The MDS pleated front white culottes is made of a heavy material and has a structured shape which is really easy to style for more formal occasion as it doesn’t have much chance of looking frumpy nor sloppy. This look is styled with a lace tank top and a white trimming black jacket for a clean and sleek look for work.




Grounding this outfit was a pair of suede wedge heels from Ferragamo adding a little fun into the silhouette of this serious outfit.


Shed that jacket at 7pm and you’re all ready to head for a quick drinks session with your colleagues or friends!


Thank you so much for dropping by and hope you’ve enjoyed the first collection of [Style This | Culottes].

I would love to hear from you what items you would like to see me style in the coming months. Please drop me a note in comments or an email at everest_s @

Live & Love Life,


Style This| Culottes – 3rd Style


In the third edition of STYLE THIS | Culottes, I have put together a look which you could wear on a night out for dinner and drinks.


The pleated front of this culottes gives this pair of culottes a structured look that could go from casual to formal.

What would you wear for something fun and sexy where you and your girlfriends are ready to paint the town red? Or that candle light dinner that your other half has planned for your anniversary?

Would you be reaching for that trusty figure enhancing body con dress, which is not really forgiving if you opted for that 4 course set dinner menu with their signature 200g Wagyu beef mains?

Though it might come across to many that wearing culottes or pants is not as feminine, pairing it with the right texture, material and accessories is key to achieving that ladylike charm.


In this outfit, I styled the pleated front culottes from MDS with H&M black lace scallop hem cropped top to soften the serious tone of the culottes and giving a feminine and glamorous touch to the outfit.



If a  black satin bra underneath that lace top is not your cup of tea, you can always slip on a black tube or maybe a nude colored tank top for some optical fun.




And don’t forget to put on that pair of platform stiletto heels to take your outfit to a different level! Literally too!


I would also pair this look with a pair of black pointed heels for a sleeker and more chic look.


With the festive season round the corner and lots of party invites heading your way, when you are reaching for that cute little black dress, stop yourself and give yourself a chance  to play with different pairings with your culottes instead!

Outfit Details

H&M Black Lace Crop Top | MDS Pleat Front Culottes | Fendi Leather Cuff | YSL Tribtoo Black Toe Cap Heels

 My blog post for the first culottes style has been featured on Independent Fashion Blogger along side 19 other blogs.

Hop over to these fantastic blogs below for more on the latest fashion trends,  pairing ideas and DIY instructions.


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Thank you for dropping by!

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Style This | Culottes – 2nd Style


 In this second edition of STYLE THIS | Culottes, I have put together a look which has the latest Normcore trend in mind.

I don’t even know if Normcore should even described as a trend but rather choosing to dress up in a nondescript and blatantly conventional manner.

As Wikipedia describes it, “Normcore is a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, average looking clothing. Normcore wearers are people who do not wish to distinguish themselves from others by their clothing.”


This is actually my first time trying this trend as I have never been a minimalistic person. I love accessorizing and dressing up and adding those characteristic touches to my outfit which people will associate with me.


When I put on that MDS white culottes and pulled over my Uniqlo Men’s T-shirt, a look in the mirror and I was pleasantly in love with that white canvas. And I wanted to keep it white and clean, no accessories, no nothing.  Just some folded sleeves.



It was extremely refreshing!

Somewhat like a detox from the plethora of colours and prints in fashion.

A fashion detox.

Where we get so exhausted trying to outdo ourselves in the interpretation of the next fashion trend and to stand out in the crowd.


I am happy going back to basic and getting lost in that sea of crowd.



I am glad I tried this, it is definitely something that I would put together again and again.


Hope you like this look and please do leave me a comment if you would like to see me style the culottes in a particular manner.  :-)

Thank you for dropping by!

Live & Love Life,


Outfit details

MDS White Culottes | Uniqlo White Men’s T-shirt | H&M Black Sling Bag | Chanel Espadrilles

Style This| Culottes – 1st Style

Announcement announcement!
A new category will be added to my blog and it is “Style This”!

The idea came about when I thought about how I usually try not to match the individual items in the same way twice so that I would get more mileage for all my clothing pieces.

Every month, a piece of clothing would be picked for the featured “Style This” item and on every Monday in that month, I will be sharing one way of pairing. So at the end of that month, there will be 4 – 5, depending on the number of weeks in that month, different ways of wearing that one item and I also it is also a challenge myself to maximize the wear of any item in my exponentially growing wardrobe.

I would also love to hear from you if there is any item that you would like me to feature on Style This and hopefully be able to share and inspire each other in mixing and matching our clothing.

For October’s feature, I have chosen the culottes. White Culottes.


A huge trend seen in the Spring/ Summer 2014 collections and following through to Fall in deeper and earthier colours, this is a wardrobe staple that brings chic into your wardrobe and it is absolutely versatile.

At the London Fashion Week, culottes were a definite favourite amongst the fashion insiders. Ranging from chic to sporty and preppy, the looks created with culottes are so far and wide and it goes to show how versatile this item is.

photo credits to John Nguyen for Telegraph

The culottes that I am featuring is this white culottes from MDS collections. With its pleated front and heavy fabric, this pair of culottes flatters any wearer creating a long and lean silhouette.


I styled this outfit with the idea of clashing the prints between my top and outer wear.


Both items had Indonesian batik prints, the Bimba & Lola top had the traditional motif and colour mostly seen in the formal attire of elderly Indonesian man and women. The outer wear was a double side button down top which I bought from Yogyakarta at the middle of this year.

Quick side note: Yogyakarta was a fabric haven with all the busy prints and colours and I hope to be able to get down to sharing my trip to Indonesia with you. Wish me luck!  ;-)

I wasn’t too sure about introducing another colour into the outfit for my footwear so I selected a pair of blue suede heels from Zara to complement the colours of the outer wear.










Thank you for dropping by & do return for the next installation of Style This next Monday!

Live & Love Life,


Outfit Details

Bimba & Lola Printed Top | Indonesian Batik Button Up Blouse | MDS White Pleat Front Culottes | Zara Blue Suede Cut Out Heels

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Outfit | Italian Chic


Italian Chic, it said on the invitation.

Italian style unlike the French style is so much harder to predict and pin-point as the Italians, with their passionate and vivacious appetite for life that everyone’s style is so different yet one look you know it represents the Italian style.

I wore something that is formal enough for work as the event was held in the evening and I needed something that could bring me from work to party.

For work, I tucked my blue striped shirt into my asymmetrical lace skirt and for the event in the evening, I tied the ends up.


Keeping to a simple cool palette of blue and white, the outfit was a play of textures; lace, ruffles and embossed crocodile skin.





For the evening, a sparkly accessory on the neckline to shine through the night.


Thank you for dropping by!

Live & Love Life,


Outfit details

PDI Blue Striped Shirt | Choies white lace skirt | Mulberry Mini Alexa | Mango White Heels | Hermes Clic-Clac in White Enamel

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Outfit | The Menace


An unlikely name for an outfit title and definitely not a word I would associate myself with.  How did this post get its name?

Feeling uninspired on a Saturday evening, trying to kick start my blogging routine after my recent vacation in northern Thailand, I turned to Beebops, who was seated on my right, to help me brainstorm for a title for my post, while showing him the outfit shots.

Brainstorm he did not. He ,however gave me the answer in a split second.

Dennis the Menace he said.

Dennis cut. main

Impossible to dispute right? ^_^”

And there you have it!


It is hilarious and annoying at the same time as Dennis is really not what I envisioned as a fashion icon that inspires my fashion choices.

I am sure deep down in my subconscious mind I must have felt a sense of familiarity and comfort when I placed the Zara Stripe crop top and ASOS split front skirt together.



The ASOS split front skirt is longer in the front as it tapers downwards towards the middle of the skirt. A seemingly long and conservative black skirt and when you walk it reveals glimpses of your. The partial view of the leg also gives it an illusion that the leg is long straight and most importantly lean!


Worn with a pair of Mango black leather strap heels which is so worn to death by now that it is really showing signs of wear and a replacement plan should be in the pipeline soon.




Outfit Details

Zara Red & Black Stripe Crop Top | ASOS Black Split Front Skirt | Mango Black Leather Strap Heels

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Hope my outfit hasn’t been too menacing for you! ;)

Thank you for dropping by!

Live & Love Life,


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